Justin Bieber was photographed on Thursday July 25th spitting over his hotel balcony in Toronto onto a crowd of fans that came to catch a glimpse of him.article-0-1AFF71CC000005DC-544_634x632

And he thinks it’s funny?? see more picsarticle-2379981-1B0447F0000005DC-108_634x593 article-2379981-1B0448DE000005DC-199_634x601 article-2379981-1B044993000005DC-569_634x567 article-2379981-1B0448AD000005DC-874_634x452 article-2379981-1B044936000005DC-712_634x662

Then he laughs with his friends and takes photos of the crowd he just ‘blessed’ with his saliva. The pop star is in his native Canada for a concert.