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Hello beautiful people. Welcome to the month of August! The month of blessings and most importantly, my birthday month. In fact, today’s my birthday.


Thanks for the birthday wishes, you’re far too kind.
Anyway, to the post of the day; I know you’re wondering why I have that title up there. The Pregnant Virgin? Abii, virgin dey get belle? She be Jesus’ cousin? Well, na so we see am oo. I heard this story at about 12:30am this morning as part of my birthday gift from my awesome Hausa friend;Selim(Selim, I owe you a hug for this story), who I met one day like that when I was looking for cyber cafe, LOL. So, sit back, grab a snack and enjoy the ride because today’s story is a MUST hear, na correct Super Story.

Now, Back to the matter…open and close(sorry, I couldn’t help it, LOL)…the story is about…

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