A businesswoman in Aba, Abia State, Mrs. Ngozi
Okoye has her stars to thank for narrowly escaping
being lynched over the disappearance of a mysterious
cat, suspected to be a product of witchcraft.
Ironically, she was the victim of the cat that was
initially found in her home and it took the intervention of journalists and policemen to save her from a mob
Narrating her ordeal, Mrs. Okoye said for long, she
had observed that money she kept in a firmly locked
cardboard in her room at No.1 Obu Street/Obohia
Road in Aba was always missing mysteriously. The woman, who sells fruits near the Aba Shopping
Centre, said at a point, she suspected her children
and kept a watch on them. But when she realized that her children were innocent,
she reasoned that what was happening to her had
spiritual undertone and reported the matter to a man
of God. Mrs. Okoye said after observing some prayer points
as directed by the pastor and the problem persisted,
she contacted another man of God in her desperate
bid to get the problem solved. This time around, she was told to fast and pray for a
given number of days along with the clergy man who
would also pray for her over the issue. The woman said after the fasting session, the
problem stopped and on that day of the incident, she
was taken aback when she wanted to collect some
cash from inside the cardboard and touched a strange
object. When she opened the cardboard properly and pointed
a torchlight towards the direction she kept the money,
she saw a half dead pussy cat with some naira notes
stuffed in its mouth. Shocked at the strange creature, she raised the alarm
and alerted the man of God whom she had met
initially over the issue, just as people in the
neighbourhood trooped to her house to catch a
glimpse of the ‘witch’ pussy cat. She said the man of God advised her to bring the now
dead cat to him before it could be buried. Confusion crept in as the now restive crowd wanted
the cat to be burnt, but the woman insisted that she
must take it to the man of God and put the cat in a
bag and headed for the man of God’s house while the
crowd, which caused traffic gridlock on the ever busy
Asa/Ehi Road followed her, insisting that she must give them the cat to be burnt. In the melee that followed, the cat was said to have
disappeared and the crowd turned against the woman,
accusing her of being the witch cat and was about
lynching her when she ran into a shop close to a
commercial bank at the shopping centre. Despite the pleadings of policemen providing security
at the bank, the crowd surged forward and the
situation was saved when a group of journalists who
came to the scene alerted the police. The Divisional Police Officer (DPO) for Ndiegoro
Division, Mr. Crescent Mama, sent his men to the
scene, but the crowd which had blocked the entire
road, could not let go. It took police re-enforcement
for the woman who had been smuggled into the bank
premises to be taken away after the crowd had been reasonably dispersed. Bemoaning her fate, the woman vehemently denied
the allegation and rained curses on whoever that
turned into the cat that had been stealing her money
mysteriously. The police at Ndiegoro later released her after being
kept in protective custody as investigations were
ongoing into the matter.

Culled From OlodoNation