This edition is opened to everyone…

What’s it all about?
Its an event that celebrates young, creative, Unique and stylish Fashionista’s,  that have awesome dress sense + love the cameras…

Where will it run?
It will run on our online platform specifically our facebook page

How long is it for?
It will run till the end of the year!

How would it run?
All you need do is this;  you Love fashion? You dress well? You take pictures when you are dressed up?
Then send in entries of your best looked pictures weekly. If your pictures are reviewed and chosen you’ll be on our page for a week the picture with the highest likes might just win something from us (outfits, shirts, makeup kits, photo sessions among others)!! #Turnup let’s have fun!! Let’s celebrate #iclassfashion!!!!!

Note: The pictures should not be photoshop or studio pictures, rather pictures taken on the streets, beach, Front of your house and all of that…

TO APPLY contact Tunde TNT: 293E1FF5 or send an email to
Application closes on Friday 31st of OCT 2013

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For enquires and sponsorship
Contact: ADD: 293E1FF5
CALL: 07080556189