On Monday Oct. 21st, US Republican Senator Ted
Cruz told a rally that Nigerian email scammers
have been hired to run the Obamacare website,
a comment that a lot of Nigerians found offensive. After being bombarded with several phone calls
from Nigerians in Houston and all across the US,
the office of Ted Cruz has issued a statement from
the Senator apologizing for what he said.

The full statement reads:

It’s unfortunate that we’re living in a time
where just about every joke can be
misconstrued to cause offense to someone. To the good people of Nigeria – a beautiful
nation where my wife lived briefly as the
child of missionaries – no offense was
intended. I am fully appreciative of the range of
mutual economic and security interests that
make Nigeria an important friend to the
United States. And even to those few unscrupulous email
scammers who were the subject of the joke,
I apologize to you for the unfair comparison
to the utterly dysfunctional Obamacare