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How have u guys been? Missed u loadz. Am sorry for not posting for so long…na one hacker wan try to hack my account o. Anyways, am back now. Today’s post is on an issue that really breaks my heart…its about our Chibok Girls



Recently, over 200 young girls were abducted by a certain terrorist group popularly known as the ‘Boko Haram’sect.

These girls were said to have been taken from their school, packed in ‘çanned- fish’ lorries and transported to an unknown destination which has left many wondering the plight of these girls. Various assumptions have been made concerning the whereabouts of the girls. Some Nigerians are of the opinion that these girls have been sold out to husbands due to the sect leader, Shekau’s statement that he had collected a dowry of #2000for each of the girls while some others see that as a lie and believe the girls are being kept somewhere; being raped, dehumanized and psychologically drained.

A few days back, the video of a young muslim girl buried alive and stoned went viral on social networks. All round the world, the phrase #BringBackOurGirls has been used as a campaign to contribute to the fight in the little way each person can.

Have you guys ever thought about the effects of this kidnap on those girls? First of all, they’ve been there for so long without a bath. Sorry to sound too blunt but they’ve been there for so long without a change of panties or clothings…am sure moulds have started dancing ‘skelewu’on those panties. Worst of it all, they’re young adults who have obviously started menstruating! All na for that same pant! I can’t even imagine that. A lot of them would have been raped countless times…the one wey go carry belle come back go dey, those ones wey go carry disease come go dey and some of them, if they’re ever rescued sef, would live with the stigma and psychological trauma for the rest of their lives. How unimaginable is that?

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Now, the question comes back to why all these acts of terrorism? Why the killings, kidnapping and so on? It all balls down to disunity which equals lack of love. We use the word, ‘love’, so many times without actually knowing the meaning.

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Since my Senior Secondary School days when I stumbled on 1Corinthians:13 in the Good Book, I’ve always asked myself, ‘do you really love the people you claim to love?’

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That part of The Bible explains in detail the true meaning of Love. If we really loved our neighbours, we wouldn’t kill, lie, rape, kidnap, gossip, laugh about them or do anything to make them less of a happy person.

The activities of the Boko Haram sect beckon for national unity; a reality that we need love and unity to still be called a country, else, we release foul-smelling odour from our rear end in deceit, calling Nigeria a country.

I’m really dumbfounded at the situation as I haven’t been able to sleep well since I watched that video in fear of the insecurity we’ve found ourselves in. Each passing day, I keep praying for safety which only lies in faith and trust in God…

God help us and God help Nigeria


Bless you guys and have a wonderful week ahead…

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