According to reports from the Daily Mail Uk, Gwyneth Montenegro has slept with 10,091 men. After a career as a prostitute, she has lifted the lid on the world of escorts – revealing her seedy lifestyle despite being raised by devout Christians. At the height of her career, Ms Montenegro was paid $500 to $1000 an hour as a elite escort.
Her life had become a whirlwind of drug- and alcohol-induced sexual encounters and orgies. Ms Montenegro worked all over Australia and was flown to exotic destinations to do her job. But despite the good times she had as an escort, the 36-year-old said if she could have her time over again, she would not have gone down that path.


In her recently released book – appropriately titled 10,000 Men and Counting – Ms Montenegro writes very frankly about how she was gang-raped at 18, started dancing on table tops at 19 and how she became a ‘high-end’ escort by 21.
But the now-business entrepreneur didn’t start her life out as a wild child. The Melbourne woman was born into a family with deep Christian values and wanted to ‘save herself’ until the right man came along.
But after she was gang-raped during a night-out at a club, coupled with her low self-esteem and her lust for money, she started off table top dancing before heading into sex work.
‘I saw an ad for table top dancing back when I was about 19,’ Ms Montenegro said.
‘I was very naïve – it’s like I fell off the bus.
‘I got pretty drunk and I made $1000 cash on the first night.
‘I thought that was amazing and I thought “I must be quite decent at it”.’
The positive attention she was getting from clients was a far cry from her days of being bullied in high school.
‘It actually gave me the confidence I never had,’ she said.
‘For the first time, I connected with people, with the other girls, and it made me flourish.
‘It was like a family. That’s the good side of it.’
But after three years, Ms Montenegro took the leap into the world of escorting – working mostly in Melbourne.
Later in her career, as she ‘worked up the ladder’, she expanded her services to all over Australia and other parts of the world where escorting was legal.Gwyneth Montenegro – a pseudonym she created to pen her book – said she went by many names while she worked in the industry.